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New England Patriots on the verge of a collapse

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

 In the past, I have been very hard on the New England Patriots when it came to early season losses. 

Reports coming in saying Tom Brady is feeling tension with the coaching staff are not a good sign and may be the demise of his stay in New England.

I'm not saying that quarterback Tom Brady will be traded if tonight he plays poorly again tonight against the the Bengals, but if he has a repeat performance of last Monday, maybe the team takes a second look at the situation. The Patriots may have to Trade Brady if it comes down to  what happened to Logan Mankins.

 In my honest opinion, the Patriots may be better off with Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback right now amid the controversy. Plus, he would be close to 30 when he steps in for the Patriots if Brady sticks around for as long as he intends to. At that point, Garoppolo may or may not still still be a mobile quarterback and be able to sling it like say Russell Wilson of the Seahawks.

On paper, the Patriots defense this off season looked like it had potential for greatness, but so far not so much. Giving up a combined 74 points in losses to the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs, defense has not been stellar for the team.

The defensive line has been weak and lets face it, Revis has been horrendous so far this season and the secondary as a whole for that matter as well — not to just call out Darrelle Revis.

Let's talk about tonight's game though. The Bengals defense is stellar with Geno Atkins up front and then in the secondary you have their elite corners Leon Hall and Terrance Newman. I just don't know how this Patriots offense will be able to compete against this amazing Cincinnati defense. After waiving Kenbrell Thompkins, the Patriots top receivers are: Julien Edelman, Danny Amendola, Brandon Lafell and Aaron Dobson. Some have said Dobson is in the "dog house" however, but he still could impact the team. Of course, do not forget about Rob Gronkowski.

Then, there is the Bengals offense which is led by quarterback Andy Dalton who has great receivers in A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Mohammed Sanu. The Bengals also have some threats on the ground at running back with Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

If the Patriots want to win this game and avoid falling to 2-3, they need to double cover A.J. Green and play linebackers outside to catch Bernard. Tom Brady will have to be successful of course throughout the game passing to Rob Gronk and Julian Edelman.