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Future is bright for Boston Red Sox despite absymal season

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

By Cody MacLeod

This season, as we know it for the Boston Red Sox came to a brief, but expected ending. Now its time to give a glance ahead of the upcoming season.

On the bright side, the Red Sox made some major moves in the closure of the 2014 season, adding key players such as Yoenis Cespdes, and Joe Kelly. Also, calling up some AAA players such as Allen Webster, Anthony Ranaudo, and Alex Wilson did not hurt either.

All of this shows some promise for the future bringing youth up to the big league club. In a long road, it could be a hidden gem for the team.

Starting off with Cespedes, since coming to the Red Sox he has been on fire closing his season with over 20 homeruns and 100 RBIs. Not to mention he can run the bases well for a big guy and with his consistent seasons looks like an RBI machine in the future.

Joe Kelly, a solid ground ball pitcher, shows signs of continuing development. Kelly struggled briefly with control but besides that he shows fierce competitiveness along with health and the ability to go deep into outings.

Allen Webster also struggled finding the strike zone here and there, could be an ace pitcher in the near future. Based off his minor league performances, Webster shows development victory and even a handful of punch outs. Also with his steady 94-95 MPH fastball, he could easily steam past many batters.

Next is one of the more known Red Sox prospects, Anthony Ranaudo. Ranaudo made a few appearances this year and showed who he was. Hes not a guy who will blow you away with power, but he will in fact go deep outings and will do his job. He gives you what is expected and was consistent. This season he posted a 4.50-5.00 ERA averages in his appearances and got the Red Sox out of many situations with his ground ball pitches.

Reliever Alex Wilson also appeared multiple times throughout the season pitched dozens of innings. In those innings minimized runs allowed, struckout near one batter an inning and allowed little to no walks. Wilson could be a near day to day relief in the coming 2015 season who may bring success the Red Sox way.

This is just a sample of the Red Sox new additions, but all show some promise in the upcoming season.