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Mookie Betts has a future in Red Sox

By Cody MacLeod

This season, the Boston Red Sox introduced multiple prospects to the team.

Mookie Betts, one of the top Sox prospects, made his Red Sox debut in this season. Betts shows some strong defensive skills in the outfield along with a torch of a bat. Although the defense of former center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. will be missed, Betts is surely the guy for the position.

At the plate, Betts was extraordinarily productive in his 189 total at bats. In those at bats clinged 55 hits and drove in 18 RBI's. Along with that he managed to steal seven bases and hit five homeruns. Keep in mind Betts is 22.

He broke in his rookie season with a bang -- most guys can take up to three years to really show what they're made of. Betts was lucky enough to have a decent amount of at bats and come up when he was needed.

Also, being just 155 lbs, five homeruns isn't all that shabby. He made a a few dents in the green monster and showed he is more than just an average guy.

If the Red Sox are able to lock him into a long term deal, he may bring some victories their way.