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Holier than thou named Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez set for big 2015

By Cody MacLeod

The Boston Red Sox made numerous switches and tested out a variety of prospects throughout the 2014 season.

One of which was Christian Vazquez who came in late season in place of former catcher A.J. Pierzynski. In this situation, Vazquez was a key addition because back-up catcher for the Red Sox, David Ross, obviously couldn't play everyday. They were in dire need of someone who would come up and do the job and Vazquez did more than that.

He made a smooth transition to the MLB, and showed his skillful defense, gunning out multiple runners and saving passed balls. Along with that he drove in 20 RBI's and scored 15 times in his total of 175 AB's. Now the Red Sox catching situation is still debatable, and luckily the Red Sox have some potential catching prospects.

Say if in a desperate situation, if Vazquez were to get injured, they can call up Blake Swihart or Dan Butler who made brief appearances and clearly has the ability to take up the role.

Nonetheless, the 2015 season will decide who the catcher of the future will be. At this point, it seems like Vazquez is the clear favorite and for good reason too.