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Breaking down Boston Red Sox closing options in 2015

By Cody MacLeod

Boston Red Sox closer, Koji Uehara had an injury-ending season just short of September. As of now its unclear if he will be healthy enough to perform full-time next year, with that said the closer situation is a concern.

Age definitely is a factor with Uehara, if he finds his splitter again he could still manage to pull off another few good seasons. He showed near dominance from Apirl to August, and even though in his last five appearances he struggled his ending ERA wasn't that bad. Uehara had given up over eight runs in his last five appearances and still wrapped up the season with a 2.50 ERA and an electric strikeout to inning ratio. To narrow it down plain and simple he racked up 26 saves and in 64 innings pitched, whiffed 80 batters and went 6-5 on the season.

If Koji were unable to pitch full-time, Mujica would also be an option also his consistency isn't predictable. Mujica didn't do anything too special and did struggle tremendously through the majority of his appearances. Nearing the end of the season he did improve a bit, although it was unnoticeable due to his struggling. He pitched in 60 innings, punching out 40 and went 2-4 on the season along with 8 saves. Mujica isn't exactly as striking of a pitcher as Koji was but he has avoided injury and is liable to take up the spot part if not full time in the 2015 season.

Not to worry though, there are plenty of other options for closers To name just one more Rubby De La Rosa would be third in-line. He has some closing experience along with a triple digit fastball. He went 4-8 on the season with a 4.43 ERA , 101 innings pitched and punchout out 74 batters. Not too bad for a guy with little experience as a starter, maybe a closing position would be more fitting for him.

The options for the Red Sox are plentiful regardless.