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New England Patriots ready to beat the New York Jets (Brief Preview)

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a respectable 37-22 win in league play versus the Buffalo Bills, the New England Patriots are prepared to win their third straight game. They face the New York Jets at home on Thursday at 8:25 PM EST.

Although some may argue that the Patriots are amidst a disappointing season, their 4-2 record is nothing to scoff at. Even with Jerod Mayo and Stevan Ridley both out for the season, they still have a solid team.

The Jets on the other hand are just as ineffective as they have been in years past. In fact, they are actually much worse.

Winning just one game this season (week one vs. Oakland), the team has dropped five straight.

To put it in perspective, in their 31-17 loss against the Denver Broncos, starting quarterback Geno Smith was sacked four times and has been downed 12 times on the year. Talk about an easy target.

According to Bing, the other search engine, the Patriots have an 80% chance of winning on Thursday.

According to Las Vegas, the Patriots are ten point favorites. If that does not give you confidence in the Patriots, I don't know what will.

Score prediction: 35-21 Patriots