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Former Patriots QB Brian Hoyer struggles in loss vs. Jaguars

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports
For many year, Brian Hoyer hardly ever saw the playing field. Instead, he was the backup to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Losing out on the backup job to Ryan Mallet a couple years back, the tides have turned for Hoyer who is now the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Starting over college football legend Johnny Manziel, Hoyer was having a productive season with the Cleveland Browns — until today.

Considered a rising quarterback and a fantasy sleeper, Hoyer and the Browns suffered a disappointing defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars who were were 0-6 heading into the contest.

The Jaguars won the game 24-6 as Hoyer went 16-of-41 passing the ball for 215 yards with an interception. Still though, it is much too early to give up on Hoyer who happened to have one bad game (sorry Manziel).

In Hoyer's defense, the offensive line was not too great allowing three sacks on the day totaling 18 yards for loss.

Hoyer and the Browns look to redeem themselves next Sunday as they head back home to Cleveland and take on the Oakland Raiders.