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Boston Red Sox in need of a power surge

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
The Boston Red Sox who play at Fenway Park, one of the biggest hitter's parks in the league, finished just 12th out of 15 American League teams and 22nd out of 30 MLB teams with 123 homeruns. They were also 24th in the league with a .369 slugging percentage.

Given their huge advantage over teams with pitcher's parks like the San Diego Padres, this mark is unacceptable. It is no wonder why Boston finished with the sixth worst record in all of baseball.

Leading the team in homeruns was none other than Big Papi, David Ortiz with another great season blasting 35 moonshots. Far behind but still respectable, Mike Napoli added another 17 bombs. Other than these two men, only rookie shortstop Xander Bogaerts finished the season with double digit homeruns, smacking 12 in 144 games.

Over the course of the season, 21 players managed to smack a homerun for Boston, but it was not enough to help the team win ballgames.

Not to point fingers or play the blame game but someone it was clear Boston did not have enough power this past season. Finishing sixth in the league with 178 bombs in 2013 was enough to lead them to the postseason and beyond showing it does not take a team of Giancarlo Stanton's to fix the problem.

What the Red Sox really could use is a little more power all over the place, but next season already shows promise in the power department.

As Yoenis Cespedes clipped over 20 homeruns last season split between the Red Sox and Athletics, he might be a man they hold onto.

Rusney Castillo is certainly an upgrade in the power department over Jackie Bradley Jr. who hit just one home run in 125 games last season. Castillo could provide double digit power if all goes well.

Mookie Betts hit 16 homeruns in 151 games split between Portland, Pawtucket and Boston. He could hit 20 in a good year.

Shane Victorino was limited to just 30 games in 2014, but when he is healthy, he has been known to contribute some power averaging 14 homeruns a year from 2007 to 2014.

Allen Craig hit just eight homeruns in 2014, well below his career high of 22. Of course Craig flat out just did not hit this past season which explains his lack of power. If he gets back on track, perhaps he smacks upwards of 20 homeruns once again.

If Boston does pursue Pablo Sandoval, he may be good for upwards of 20 homeruns in a season. Compare this to the eight Boston got out of the third base position all year. He himself hit double that amount in 2014.

The power Dustin Pedroia once possessed has since faded away. After clubbing 21 homeruns in 2011, he has regressed every season until the point where h hit just seven this past season. Even if he could hit 10 homeruns, that may be enough to make the difference in two more games.

Even with power bats anchoring the lineup, it would be nice to add another left-handed bat as GM Ben Cherington specified. Power is important for a successful lineup, so the more the merrier.