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Thoughts on the Patriots' AFC Championship win over the Colts

1. Shane Vereen is the starting RB? Vereen basically isn't even an RB. Way to be cute Bill. Now run Blount down their throat.

2. Edelman looks so good on punt returns, it's scary. He makes at least one person miss every single time it seems. Love it.

3. Josh Cribbs should have had that punt. I get that it's wet. I get that the punt was wobbly. It didn't bounce off his hands, it went off his facemask. That's just bad. Terrible play.

4. Blount is an animal. It's kind of crazy that Tampa and Pittsburgh didn't want him, but no one in New England is complaining. Positive yards every single time.

5. Tough conditions for kicking. Vinatieri gets a mulligan on that one.

6. Browner needs to chill out. I love the energy he brings, but smarten up dude. One of these days, those dumb penalties are going to be a huge factor.

7. Boom Herron is going to be a very good running back. Once he gets the jitters out. That 1st quarter drop was inexcusable. Got to pull that in. That being said, grab this guy in your fantasy draft next year. They'd be stupid to use anyone else as their lead back.

8. Nice extra effort there by Develin. Love the passion, love the energy, and love seeing him fired up on the sidelines afterward. In the early going, it's all NE.

9. Yuck. That pick by Brady was not good. Very much underthrown. Didn't seem like Gronk made too much of an effort to get back, but that was all on Brady. Another in a line of somewhat disturbing picks thrown by Brady in recent weeks. Gotta clean that up. Now.

10. That was a stupid penalty by Wilfork. You are a nose tackle. You wanna follow the play, fine. Good job. But why are you leading with the forearm to his helmet? That was 100 kinds of stupid. Stay at the line so you don't get too winded to nail Luck into the ground.

11. Wow T.Y. Hilton. Wow. Nice footwork, nice hands. Good catch on the sidelines.

12. Good touchdown by Indy. Solid play call, good running. Nothing special but it gets the job done.

13. Anyone else noticing that Luck is never going to get sacked in this game? Indy's line is playing pretty good, and Luck looks very light on his feet today. I'm impressed by his pocket presence and ability to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure.

14. Hate that roughing the passer call on Freeman. Timing was fine, he didn't go helmet to helmet, he didn't lead with the crown of his helmet. I get that it is a penalty according tot he rules. Just a terrible rule.

15. I am on record as saying Tom Brady is the worst scrambling QB I've ever seen. It's brutal, it's painful and it doesn't happen nearly as much it should. That being said, somebody should test Brady for PEDs cuz his run game has gone off the charts in the last month. That scramble was great. He was dodging tackles, dodging refs, and didn't even really slide at the end. In the end he was a couple of inches short, but whatever. Like that determination

16. I hate the inconsistency on the Defensive PI calls. Butler had Amendola's arm. If that was Browner, automatic flag.

17. Pat's run 7 plays inside the 15 at the end of the half. Settle for a field goal. It's a good thing Luck is struggling, cuz if this was a more balanced offense (you know, like the Seahawks for instance), you'd be getting pounded.

18. Luck needs to shave. My God that's a terrible look. Someone got mad at me not long ago for saying there's a stigma surrounding beards. Andrew luck is the reason why there is. Ugh.

19. Nate Solder scoring on a 15 yd TD throw is just the insult to the injury. Yeah, we can even beat you with an offensive lineman who moves like molasses rolling uphill in a blizzard.

20. That TD by Gronk shows exactly why you need him. Who else makes that catch? No one. That's who. Beautiful.

21. Revis was money on that pick. Read it perfectly, timed it perfectly. That's why you got him, to come through in the big moments. What I liked about that play too, was that it wasn't risky at all. He had help behind him so that if he missed the pick and the pass was caught, he didn't give up a big play. Smart football, great decision making. Pay this man.

22. I've said before that Blount is like a poor man's Marshawn Lynch. I've gotten ridiculed for it also. But that second TD was a mini-Beast Mode moment if there ever was one. Gettin me a #29 jersey.


24. Dang the passing game for Indy looks baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Luck has all day, but no one's open. He's now thrown 4 straight incompletions and I don't put a ton of blame on him. He's getting less than zero help.

25. Never mind. He looks bad too.

26. I'd just like to reiterate point number 2. Wow Julian Edelman. Unreal return skills and aided by a great block. NE's special teams has been crazy good lately.

27. Also, that's the third time they've started in Colts territory. Special teams wins games.

28. LeGarrette Blount now has 7 postseason Tds, tied for franchise record with David Givens. All 7 have come in just two games, all 7 against the Colts.

29. Ouch. That was a nasty throw and Collins just made luck pay. And channeling his inner LeGarrette Blount, tries to hurdle a tackler. Has he done so, he's in paydirt. Too bad./

30. Jonas Grey, who tore up Indy for 200 yards and 4 Tds earlier in the year finally has his first carry with 7:20 left in the 4th quarter.

31. Tom Brady absolutely fired up on the jumbotron at 5:20 remaining. Love the energy. Watch out Seattle

32. Why why why why why is Tom Brady coming back out with 3:42 left in the 4th and a freaking 38 point lead. Belichick needs to have his head examined.

33. Ah, there we go. Bring on the Galloping Chicken.

34. Tom Brady now has 20 post-season wins. That's more than 21 current franchises have. That's a good career.

35. If Brady can beat the Seahawks in Arizona in two weeks, it will be the last nail in the coffin of the Brady-Manning debate. Not only will it be Brady's 4th ring, all kinds of records and the like, but Brady beating the same team that put a merciless whopping on Peyton last year, priceless.