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When the season began, this was the Super Bowl XLIX’s most likely expected matchup: Pats vs. Hawks.

The Pats are the best team of the last 15 years, and the Hawks are one of the best teams of the last 3 years. There have been so many story lines up until today – legacies, coaching systems, cheating, scandals, drama, and blah blah blah. That is all irrelevant now. Today is game day.

PJ’s 3 Insider Points for the Big Game:

1) Brady is the best QB of All-Time. And he is going to have the game of his life today. It may be 10 long years since he’s won the big one (even though throughout that time he has always been in contention to lifting the Lombardi trophy). But right now, Tom is as motivated and as focused as he's ever been in his career. That should scare everyone. He is going to stomp the shit out of the Seahawks and all Patriot-haters with his damn UGG Boots. We all know Brady suffered his most agonizing loss in University of Phoenix Stadium to the Giants in 2011, so a win today will really complete the cycle for him.

2) Marshawn lynch only plays so he gets paid and mumbles Ebonics so he doesn’t get fined. Guess what? The Patriots play to win. And guess what else? The Pats aren’t scared of Lynch and the Seattle read-option. It’s easy to beat – shoot the outside defender (Rob Ninkovich, Chandler Jones, or Jamie Collins) up field for containment, and have a LB (Dont'a Hightower) following the RB. Not rocket science. It just takes discipline. And who is the most disciplined team all of professional sports? Yup, the New England Patriots. Not to mention, this style of defense keeps Russel Wilson contained in the pocket. Yet another ball-buster for the Hawks. So, with those two game plans eliminated from Seattle’s playbook, and… oh shit, that is their whole playbook. Game over.

3) Gronkowski is NFL's best tight end. He will probably be matched up against arguably the NFL's best strong safety, Kam Chancellor. However, Gronk is 6’6’’ 265 LBS and 100% healthy, while Chancellor is only 6’3’’ 232 LBS and suffering from an undisclosed knee injury. Kamy-boy couldn’t handle Gronk if he was healthy and fresh off a syringe of PEDs, so expect the Hawks’ linebacker responsible for extra help. Gronk will have a big day regardless, but with him garnering even more attention, I see several other Patriots pass catchers making big plays, seemingly uncovered.


I could go on and on – explaining how the Pats win every matchup today. Let’s simplify it to this – the New England Patriots are better than the Seattle Seahawks in all 3 phases of the game. Super Bowl XLIX is going to be a bloodbath. Kids – cover your eyes. This one is rated “Adult”. Pats are going to destroy their opponent, with no mercy. Belichick and Brady will win their fourth Super Bowl together. The Dynasty continues. Everything will be right in the world. See you Pats fans at the Parade.