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Breaking News- Warren Sapp Arrested


Warren Sapp arrested

TMZ is reporting that Warren Sapp has been arrested in Phoenix for solicitation of prostitution. Warren Sapp the former Buccaneer and Raider has been arrested twice in the past on domestic violence charges also according to TMZ.

Warren Sapp has had a up and down post NFL career what with his arrests and bankruptcy issues. Sapp is a popular NFL commentator but I always thought he was kind of a two faced jerk. I remember him stiffing WFNZ after he promises to do an interview and his feud with current Arizona Cardinals defensive line coach Brenston Buckner. If Warren Sapp is convicted of trying to pick up a prostitute he will probably lose his job at NFL Network. The NFL is tired of getting bad publicity from their employees on and off the field.

Warren Sapp was one heck of a football player and I do like to hear him talk about the sport on NFL Network. But if Sapp is guilty he will have trouble finding a job in broadcasting for a couple of years at least, in my opinion. 


Warren Sapp was arrested for solicitation of prostitution AND assault. Sapp was at a hotel room with two women and there was a disturbance. The women claim Warren Sapp assaulted them. Sapp admits to being involved with prostitutes but denies assaulting them. Warren Sapp has been fired  from NFL Network. I wonder if Peyton Mannng will replace Warren Sapp on NFL Network, if Manning retires from the NFL?